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The Hill Hits an All-Time Low With Outrageous Headline Suggesting Donald Trump Could Be 'Hung'


One day, there will be entire libraries filled with psychological studies of how broken the American left has become, and almost all of it due to their hatred of one man. 


Yep, you guessed it: THE BAD ORANGE MAN.

The latest breathtaking display of Trump Derangement Syndrome comes to us from former federal prosecutor Jim Zirin, via The Hill:

Yes, you read that correctly. The Hill and Zirin just suggested that former President Donald Trump could hang for ... giving hush money to a porn actress (that even the federal government decided was not worthy of prosecution). 

And just in case you think this was just some random low-level headline writer, think again. The author himself tweeted out the same op-ed with the same headline. Proudly. 

(We are laughing that he has had that tweet out all day with absolutely zero engagement. Talk about screeching into the void.)

Zirin is a permanent TDS victim. His entire Twitter timeline buys into every false accusation you can think of about Trump and it oozes with unhinged hate. You will not be surprised to learn that he has also fully bought into the Justice Sam Alito flag 'scandal.' 

Because of course, he is. 

But back to the op-ed. We won't bore you with the contents of the article. You can read it here if you want, but it is everything you'd expect it to be. The evidence is OVERWHELMING. Michael Cohen (despite being a convicted perjurer who admitted he stole from Trump) is a TOTALLY credible witness. 


Blah, blah, blah. We get it. You hate him, Jim. And you are completely incapable of objective analysis. 

But 'hang'? Really? 

We don't need to ask what would happen if a conservative politician or commentator said something even CLOSE to this. We know from experience. 

Yep. We're old enough to remember that. Palin showed a map of Congressional districts she was targeting for victory in the next election and it was a 24/7 media crisis with its own theme music. 

But The Hill can suggest a President hang for barely even a misdemeanor and ... crickets. 

Saint Obama? Never. Besides, we're pretty sure that The Hill considers him -- as most gods are -- to be immortal.

Honestly, we waited a little while to write this because we thought for sure that The Hill would delete the tweet and/or rewrite the headline. But nope. They are totes cool with it. 

Our first thought is: many things. How long you got? 


Sadly, we rubbed our eyes and even pinched ourselves. It wasn't a dream. It was a real headline. 

Judge Merchan did not sequester the jury over the holiday weekend, which is simply ridiculous. So, yes. The jury will indeed likely see a headline suggesting Trump could (and should) be hung. 

Hopefully, that will only galvanize opposition to conviction among a few sane members of the jury, but we're not counting on it. 

This is unquestionably true. And Burt Macklin knows whereof he speaks. He's an FBI agent, after all.

We're shocked ... SHOCKED that media credibility is in the toilet and that most Americans side with Trump when he calls the press 'the enemy of the people.'


Biased is one thing. This is downright disgraceful. 

New York DID just fine the man more than $400 million for the horrendous crime of ... overvaluing his property. On a loan that he paid back on time and in full. There is nothing out of bounds for that state when it comes to its leaders' hatred of Trump. 

It would be hilarious and glorious if Twitter locked The Hill and Zirin out of their accounts for the headline, but we're not holding our breath for that to happen either. 

Sounds like 'stochastic terrorism' to us. 


What do you expect when we have elected officials like Sandy Cortez BRAGGING that the trial is preventing Trump from campaigning?

They're not just not hiding the corruption anymore. They are actively celebrating it. 

And the Understatement of the Year Award goes to ...

Look, we get it. Ziring was trying to be clever with wordplay. He failed. 

But sorry, leftists. Conservatives don't play by the old rules anymore. Not too long ago, Trump said that there would be an economic 'bloodbath,' specifically in the auto market, if Biden won re-election. 

The media proceeded to undergo a week-long collective paroxysm of outrage claiming that he was inciting violence. They even lied and chopped up his words to fuel their false narrative. 

Welp. You created these new rules. You have to play by them. And by your rules, The Hill, Jim Zirin just called for the execution of a former president. 

And that is why no one ever takes them seriously. Or ever will. 

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