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WHO Director Tells Us to Abandon Meat to Fight 'Climate Change' (Guess How That Went on Twitter)

Are you tired of living a normal happy life where you can eat what you want and not spend every waking hour trembling in fear over the imminent climate change apocalypse? 


Well, you're in luck. The World Health Organization (WHO) -- fresh off a completely botched COVID pandemic investigation and response -- is here to order you to abandon those things you love so much. Like steak, eggs, chicken, bacon, burgers, hot dogs, and even fish. 

According to the WHO's Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, eating such foods, as humans have done for millennia, is now killing the planet and we all must stop. 

We won't cite the rest of the tweet here. It's all contained in the video, if you have the stomach to watch the full minute. But Ghebreyesus continues his directive in the video to say that if we move away from meat to eating grass, we can save 'eight million lives per year.'

Yeah, we're gonna need a source on that, chief. Something tells us, he is not including all the lives that will be lost from malnutrition should the world comply with his COP28 mandates. 

The really bad -- yet not at all surprising -- news is that the United States under the Biden administration is one of the countries that have signed the COP28 UAE Declaration on Climate and Health. 


Insanity. James Lindsay likes to call climate change a 'death cult' and it's really difficult to argue against that position. 

It's difficult to argue against Jesse Kelly's position here either.

The last line in the tweet above is 'Never stop eating meat.' 

Don't worry. We don't plan to. 

Governor DeSantis saw this coming a long time ago. And he took action to stop it by banning lab meat in Florida. 

We need more governors like DeSantis. 


You can't see it, but both of this writer's arms are raised in the air as high as they can reach. 

And we're not alone. Here's a summary of some of the more colorful reactions from Twitter: 

LOL. We can't caption that last image, but if you know the meme, you know what Brad Pitt's character is saying right there. 

Others took a more savory approach to defying the WHO and their nutbar directives. 

Now, THAT looks delicious. Yes, we know that butter is cheating when it comes to steak. But we could go for some delicious cheating right about now. 

And they want us to believe that this is all due to some imaginary 'climate crisis.'


It's amazing (but again, not surprising) how many lawmakers who have bought into the climate hysteria are completely ignorant of the actual scientific realities. 

Ugh. That smug face. So punchable ... not that we would ever advocate violence. 

Yep. That sums it up pretty well. Because it is not -- and never has been -- about the climate or the environment. It is about control. And elites like the WHO will never stop until they achieve total control over everyone's lives. 

The people who hate traditional religion are oblivious to the fact that they have created their own -- far more restrictive -- secular religion. And they don't care. 


Since we brought up Lindsay earlier, it's only fitting to allow him to chime in here too. 

Unlimited power and control is their singular objective. 

We'll let Elon Musk summarize what they can do with that objective since he's the only one among the uber-rich and powerful who DOESN'T seem to want to control everyone (though we're not sure about that whole Neurolink thing). 

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. 

Now, we're going to go make some nice bacon and eggs for breakfast. 

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