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Rep. Ritchie Torres Plays the Race Card on Trump Bronx Rally and Gets BURIED by the Receipts


The Democrats are BIG mad that Donald Trump -- on a brief hiatus from his kangaroo court Soviet-style show trial in Manhattan -- came to the Bronx, right into the heart of blue New York City, and held a HUGE rally last night. 


First, AOC, the pettiest person alive, started praising God yesterday because of the bad weather earlier in the afternoon, hoping that it would keep crowds away. 

Unfortunately for Sandy, karma has a sense of humor. The weather cleared, and endless lines of people started queueing up to listen to Trump speak. 


It got even worse from the Democrats though. One of their favorite cringe engagement farmers, Brian Krassenstein, showed all of Twitter how racist the left is, calling Rep. Byron Donalds a 'prop' at the event. 

But Krassenstein is kind of a nobody. Like we said, he just posts cringe for clicks. 

The same cannot be said for Rep. Ritchie Torres. As much as we like to call Torres a nobody as well (raise your hand if you've ever heard of any of his accomplishments on Capitol Hill), he IS an elected representative of the American people. In his case, that means the South Bronx, which makes up most of his district. 


Because Trump came straight into his backyard to a cheering throng, Torres was maybe the maddest of all. He tried using the race card as well, saying that only white people support Trump. 

Oh really, Ritchie? They're all 'white transplants'? First of all, shame on you for your awful race-hustling. 

But more importantly, the facts don't seem to back you up. 

Fortunately, Twitter brought plenty of receipts to show Torres how wrong -- and hilariously desperate -- he was. 

Making an ass of himself is his specialty. But if he really cared about the people of the Bronx, he WOULD have gone to the rally to try to talk to them. 

He did not. 


LOL. What a great t-shirt. Joe Biden should never live that comment down. Ever. 

Huh. That looks a LOT more diverse than many Biden rallies we've seen. 

Then again, unless unions are paying them to be there, usually only about five people show up to a Biden rally, so it's difficult to make a significant comparison. 

It has to hit Torres pretty hard that the Latino community is fleeing Biden in droves. It turns out, they don't like an open border, empty wallets, or being called 'breakfast tacos.'

The hilarious part of Torres' tweet is that the video he tries to show as being 'all white' ... isn't. 

And you can even see whoever filmed the clip start to pan around, but then stop so the camera just focuses on a small segment of the crowd.


We could keep going with more and more receipts, but the larger point is that the people who attended the rally didn't care about the race of the people standing next to them. 

Only racists like Torres care about that. 

What she said. ALL of what she said. Regardless of whether she likes Trump or not. 

What else do Democrats have to campaign on besides abortion and identity politics? 


Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? 

You know the saying: When the left tells you who they are, believe them.

Yesterday, Ritchie Torres very loudly and publicly told people of ALL colors who he is. 

Trust us, Ritchie. We believe you. 

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