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We're As Shocked As You: The Daily Show Airs Hilarious Sketch Mocking Kamala Harris (Watch)


Over the past decade or longer, but particularly during the Biden administration, people have mocked Saturday Night Live for refusing to make fun of Democrats. The once-great late-night comedy show has become a parody of itself. Despite the Biden administration providing mountains of fuel for satire, SNL has mostly ignored all of it.


It wasn't always this way. While certainly a left-leaning comedy program for decades, SNL used to have a field day with presidents and politicians on both sides of the aisle. Dan Aykroyd's sendups of Jimmy Carter, Dana Carvey's George H.W. Bush impersonation, Will Ferrell's impression of the younger Bush, and Phil Hartman's HYSTERICAL skits about Bill Clinton are all fondly remembered with a chuckle by those of us old enough to have watched them. 

That all changed under the Obama administration though, when somehow, making fun of a liberal president (let alone a black man) became forbidden. And it has only gotten worse since then. 

So, you can imagine our surprise last night when we saw that The Daily Show -- a program that has ALWAYS (or at least since Jon Stewart took it over) been one-sided in its attempts at political satire -- had not only aired a segment mocking Vide President Kamala Harris, but a genuinely funny one. 

Honestly, we're still laughing about it. We think you will too. Watch the whole skit here: 

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, that was just too good. 'She's come so far since our first session.'


That's the face we made too. 

This is a good point. Lately, the left's attempts at 'comedy' when it comes to Republicans aren't really funny as much as they are just mean-spirited snark. And it shows. This, on the other hand, was not a mean sketch, just a funny one, taking reality and putting a genuinely humorous twist on it. 

We have to give credit where it's due. 

We don't know if that's true, but it would explain a whole lot. 

Really, 'honest' is what it is. But sometimes, honesty can be brutal. Especially in Harris' case. 

We are too. But we still appreciate it. 


When you can't tell the difference, that is solid satire.

Twitter had some additional ideas about other tools Harris might be using for her speeches outside of her 'holistic thought advisor' Dahlia Rose Hibiscus (great name, by the way): 

That was a damn good concert.

The 'Ad Libs' worksheet on the wall was a chef's kiss moment in the sketch. But watch it some more and you'll see other good ones in there too, like the Forrest Gump movie poster. 

That's another one too. 

LOL. We see what you did there. You have a holistic thought advisor too, don't you? 


We have to give credit to Desi Lydic, who is the comedian who played the holistic thought advisor. Her performance and delivery -- like sipping her herbal tea at just the right moments -- were impeccable.

Don't forget to bring your spirit animal in there with you. 

Of course, there were some who wanted to bring it back to reality to wonder why The Daily Show was able to create this bit now. 

Yikes. ALL the yikes. 

You have to wonder about all of the implications related to the 2024 election, no question about it. 

But, in the end, it really is just a comedy sketch. We're happy to see that at least SOME programs have remembered how to do that and do it well, even though they haven't for many years. 


It is, indeed. 

However, before we close, we DO need to pause for a moment to remember that The Daily Show is about two years too late with its sketch. Twitter was way faster to the punch. About two years ago, Twitter launched the hilarious hashtag #WriteASpeechForKamala after Harris' SECOND speechwriter quit not even two years into her term. 

We won't repeat all of the hilarious tweets that hashtag generated, but Twitchy covered it and you can check out some of the best ones here

Putting the past aside though, better late than never, The Daily Show. Good for you.

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