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Venezuelan Socialism Survivor Takes Protesting College Weenies to SCHOOL About Communism


Some of the most patriotic people you will ever meet are those who have come to the United States (or any Western democracy) legally after escaping an authoritarian country. There is an obvious reason for this. Those people KNOW what true oppression is like. And they love freedom, often far more than some people who have spent their entire lives in its embrace.


This is just human nature. We take things for granted that have never been denied to us. Some -- particularly young people -- go so far as to trash the freedom that they enjoy every day. You'll know those people because, lately, you see a lot of them protesting on college campuses. 

When it gets truly interesting, however, is when someone from that first group runs into someone from that second group. This week, we were treated to such an encounter when Alessa Polga walked up to a table at a Canadian college where students were promoting Communist literature (with one of them wearing a keffiyeh, of course). 

Polga is a human rights activist in Canada and a survivor of socialist Venezuela. Let's watch as she completely dismantles these young students whose greatest hardship was probably that one time Tim Horton's was closed when they were trying to get their morning coffee: 

The entire exchange is pure gold. 


The young students clearly have no idea what Communism is, what it has done to people who live under it, and it's not even certain -- judging by their giggling recitation of meaningless slogans -- that they may not even believe it themselves. 

What IS clear is that they had absolutely no response to Polga's questions or statements about the realities of Communist regimes. 

They are immature little cosplayers and nothing more. 

Something tells us that their college professors were instrumental in laying out that path for these kids. 


In Communist ideology, they are known as 'useful idiots.' The Trudeau government loves them. But they are in for a rude awakening if they ever achieve the goals laid out in their pamphlets. 

Our second favorite part after that was when she told him in no uncertain terms that they would NEVER bring Communism to Canada. We hope she's right. 

We also enjoyed the young man -- who looks like he has never lacked for any comfort provided to him in Canada -- tells her that 'Capitalism is sh*t.' And then she asks why he doesn't move to a Communist country. He has no answer for that except slogans he doesn't understand. 

For someone who hates capitalism, he sure seems to enjoy its bounty. 


He looks like he wouldn't last a single day if the 'revolution' ever did begin. 

The question she asked was 'How many people have died under Communism?' And of course, they have no answer to that. Ignorance and arrogance are the world's worst combination. 

We shudder to think what IS on their recommended or required reading lists. 


And BOOM. There it is. That is what these students can't possibly grasp. Because they know nothing. Woe unto them if they ever get to the 'Find Out' phase of trying to usher in Marxism.

They would do well to heed the advice of Alessa Polga who DOES know whereof she speaks. 

But we're not holding our breath. 

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