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'Presidential Fact Checker' Daniel Dale Halts Vacation to Fact Check Trump (Who Isn't President)


You have to love the Twitter bio trajectory of Daniel Dale, the 'presidential fact checker' for CNN. Back in the mid-2010s, Dale just called himself a 'Canadian journalist' on Twitter. When Donald Trump was elected President in 2016, Dale updated his Twitter bio to read 'fact-checking the president and others.' (Spoiler alert: there were never any others. Or at least there were never any others who had a 'D' next to their name.) At the end of Trump's term, Dale updated his bio yet again: 'fact-checking the president and other politicians.' Finally, just recently, now that Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee in 2024, Dale amended his bio one more time: 'Fact-checking the president, 2024 candidates, and others.' 

All the 2024 candidates, Daniel? Really? You doing a lot of 'fact-checking' of Robert Kennedy, are you?


His bio, if he were honest, would simply read 'professional Trump stalker.'

Of course, the real joke is that Dale has spent most of the past four years completely dormant. Despite calling himself a 'presidential fact-checker,' don't bother scouring the internet for many fact-checks of Joe Biden from him. You won't find them. Dale only pokes his head out of seclusion to 'fact-check' Trump. It has been a running gag about him on Twitter ever since Biden was sworn in.

So, sure enough, when Trump held a rally in New Jersey this past weekend, there was Dale, popping up on CNN like a meerkat watching out for lions across the savanna.

The fact that Dale -- and dutifully Mediaite -- referred to it as a 'bonkers rally' tells you everything you need to know about the quality of the 'fact-checking' Dale was doing. (Actual fact-check: Dale refers to every Trump rally as 'bonkers'.) We'll spare you the excerpts, but you can watch the clip on YouTube.

Most of what Dale used to refute Trump's claims are just Democrat talking points, not facts, such as with Trump's indictments. And when Trump did exaggerate (news flash, he has always done this because he speaks off the cuff a lot), Dale tried to 'fact-check' him around the edges on the numbers. He corrected Trump's statements about the miles of border wall he built, the amount of money South Korea pays the U.S., how much the price of bacon has really gone up, and so on. (That's a winner there, Dale. Make sure you remind people that bacon only costs twice as much under Biden, not three times as much.) Trump wasn't precise on those points, but he wasn't exactly lying or far off either. 


Meanwhile, actual President Biden, the office Dale claims to be his primary target, just got called out for telling 15 lies in 17 minutes in his Erin Burnett interview last week. Where was Dale for that? 

Oops. We guess he must have missed that interview, even though his own network conducted it. 

In fairness, May 8, the date of the Burnett interview, was also National Coconut Cream Pie Day, so Dale was probably busy baking and eating. 

You could count the number of times the 'presidential fact checker' has fact-checked the current president on one hand and still have enough fingers left over to tell Mr. Spock to 'Live Long and Prosper.' 


He's on CNN's payroll. Same difference. 

Yep. We are nearly certain that it is the exact same network. 

Mostly, however, Twitter wanted to wish Dale a hearty welcome back from his nearly four-year hiatus as a 'fact-checker' during Biden's presidency. 

The time just flew on by, didn't it? It's always like that when you're on vacation ... even for years at a stretch. 

Even grizzly bears don't hibernate as long as the journos have under Biden. 

HAHAHA. We were beginning to worry a bit. We're glad Dale is OK. 


Just in the nick of time. When you think about it, 'fact checkers' like Dale really are more like superheroes. We should be more grateful. 

You get to if your employer is CNN, the media arm of the Democrat Party. 

Dale was definitely stuffed into some lockers in high school. And it shows. 

It's perfectly fine for him to want to fact-check Trump. All politicians should be fact-checked (even if it is around the edges when they exaggerate numbers as Trump often does). But the key word there is 'ALL.' Someone should explain to Dale what that word means. 

For example: 

Wow. That's a lot of whoppers Joe Biden has told. If Dale were an actual journalist, all those fictions would have kept him quite busy over the past several years. 


The fact that he ignored them is the reason why we don't hate the corporate media enough

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