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Snake in the Grass Nina Jankowicz Returns With Perfectly Named 'Disinformation' Think Tank

Courtesy of Miguel Trefaut Rodrigues via AP

You know it's a presidential election year when the 'disinformation experts' begin to rear their ugly heads again. 

And when it comes to ugly heads, there are few worse than disgraced former Biden Disinformation Czar, Nina Jankowicz. It's difficult to imagine how bad our society has gotten when there are people in power who actually want to take seriously a person who has referred to herself -- unironically -- as the 'Mary Poppins of disinformation.' 


Yet here we are. 

Jankowicz's 'Ministry of Truth' in the Biden administration may have gone away, but you know she never will. Like any theater kid, she wouldn't know how to exist without constant attention. This week, she announced her co-founding of a non-profit 'disinformation think tank' and has already begun attacking Republican lawmakers through press releases. (It's funny how Democrats are never guilty of 'disinformation,' isn't it). 

Did you catch that name? American Sunlight Project. It didn't escape The National Pulse what the acronym of that name is. 

The American Sunlight Project–whose acronym ASP recalls the name of several venomous snake species found in the Nile region of Africa and the European vipera aspis — has a board comprised of several notable figures — including NeverTrumper Katie Harbath, a former Facebook executive and Republican operative; Ineke Mushovic, who leads a think tank that tracks “threats to democracy” and gay, lesbian, transgender movements; and Benjamin Wittes, the resident Deep State apologist at the Brookings Institute, which was primarily backed by the government of Qatar until 2017.


'ASP.' How incredibly fitting. 

At least the Marxists behind 'diversity, equity, and inclusion' were smart enough to put the 'equity' second so their acronym didn't spell 'DIE.' But no one ever accused Jankowicz of being smart. 

LOL. Except Cleopatra actually had some accomplishments to her name. Some pretty big ones. Jankowicz's only accomplishments are singing awful (and creepy) made-up songs about Harry Potter.  

The co-founder of the group, Carlos Álvarez-Aranyos, comes from Protect Democracy, another noted leftist organization whose primary objective is litigation. 

Imagine that. You'd think a group dedicated to 'fighting disinformation' would be open and upfront about where their funding comes from. 


Few public figures have been embarrassed and exposed to the extent that Jankowicz has over the past couple of years. But no, she will never go away, as long as there is a New York Times or a CNN around to platform her evil intentions.

Ugh. We can't even listen to that voice. She's playing all of her greatest hits. 

That sums her up nicely. 

Of course, Jankowicz has blocked about 75 percent of Twitter (as good 'disinformation experts' do) but we managed to catch one of her replies to Mike Solana anyway. 

LOL. This is hilarious. Jankowicz accusing anyone else of 'not researching,' denying she would have had the power to censor or deplatform, denying her own propaganda, and, of course, immediately citing Fox News (and Fox News only) as an example of 'lies.'


The lack of self-awareness is not surprising, but still astounding. 

And it didn't go over too well. 

These are all accurate, but we'll end with someone who characterized Jankowicz in a language she can understand. 


There it is. The worst villain in all the Harry Potter universe (yes, including Voldemort). And Nina Jankowicz is every bit as evil as Dolores Umbridge ... and then some. 

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