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Dumpster Fire in Waiting: Stephen Colbert to Broadcast The Late Show Live From the DNC in Chicago

Throughout the history of late-night comedy, many hosts have done their shows on location for a week or so. David Letterman used to regularly travel to Los Angeles to broadcast his show and Conan O'Brien, who is Canadian, also did many shows from Toronto. 


But we're pretty sure none of them ever tried to do their comedy/variety shows live from a political convention. 

In that sense, Stephen Colbert is a groundbreaker. Not only is he the first host ever to do such an on-location show, but he is also the man who officially just hammered the last nail in the coffin of network late-night comedy. 

Good Lord. They don't even pretend anymore. They have completely removed their masks. Colbert might as well do the entire week wearing a Joe Biden cheerleader outfit. Here is more from The Hill

Colbert said he lived in Chicago in the past for a period of 11 years and that 'it holds a special place in my heart.' He also joked that the city was where he, originally from South Carolina, 'got an education in winter.'

'Did you, did you know that tears can freeze?' the comedian said. 

Sorry, was that supposed to be a joke? The Hill is being pretty generous with the word 'comedian' here.

And yes, we're SURE he's doing it just because of his fondness for Chicago, not for the opportunity to slurp Biden and the Democrat Party for an entire week.

We'd laugh if the FCC -- in the name of equality -- forced Colbert to also do his show live from Milwaukee during the Republican National Convention. He'd likely spend the whole week just crying and huddled in a corner in the fetal position, rocking back and forth and licking his palms. 


Of course, this is not to say that there might not be some entertaining moments in Colbert's planned suck-up week. 

If they storm the stage, we'll make giant TUBS of popcorn. 

There's another Democrat constituency that could make things ... umm ... interesting. 

Chicago 1968 is currently crossing its fingers in hopes that the 2024 DNC will take away its title of 'Most Disastrous Political Convention in American History.'

Damn. Tell us how you REALLY feel. 
(Note: The link in the tweet above is to our sister site, PJ Media, which also provided some commentary on this story)

We're kind of hoping for a giant dance number with the rioters -- either pro-Hamas or illegal aliens or both. It would rival Colbert's most cringe moment on TV: 


HAHAHAHA. We hope he NEVER lives that down. He shouldn't. 

LOL. That's not fair. Stanley Tucci is talented. Colbert ... not so much. 

The facade was dropped long ago. Now, Colbert is just steering into the skid of his own demise. Still, this IS pretty brazen and unprecedented, even for him.

That's a very good question. Sadly, we know the answer. 

That sounds far funnier than anything Colbert has done in YEARS. 

We're not sure if that tweet is referring to the riots or the out-of-control dumpster fire the show will inevitably be. 

Maybe we'll just embrace the power of 'AND.'

They'll just call that fireworks set off by people around the city because everyone loves Biden so much. 


That's hilarious and very accurate. When he was the host of The Colbert Show, Colbert's entire schtick was that he was playing a caricature of Bill O'Reilly. Now, he has just become that person, only on the other side and FAR more biased and in the tank for his side than O'Reilly ever dreamed of being. 

Honestly, the disasters people joked about above will be the ONLY reason anyone tunes in, even many Democrats. 

Yep. That pretty much sums up this entire story. 

But being cringe AF is very on-brand for Stephen Colbert. 

We just hope he's got some good Kevlar suits for his week in Chicago.

Or not. That could be fun to watch too.

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