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Jesse Kelly Spits Straight Facts About How Communism Pervades America ... and How to Beat It

AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda

Conservative media host and author Jesse Kelly makes us laugh often. He likes to tweet about his famous burger recipe, tweet out hilarious meme threads, and extol the virtues of Red Lobster (we haven't checked to see if he is doing OK with the possibility of that restaurant chain declaring bankruptcy). He is also a master troll of the left. His recent photo of the Statue of Liberty, extolling it as a shining example of 'American art and architecture' sent leftists into paroxysms of rage. (It sent the rest of us careening into non-stop laughter.)


But Kelly also knows when to be serious. He has no problem calling Republicans -- and Republican voters -- out on the carpet when they deserve it, such as denouncing Republicans in Washington for never following through on their professed conservatism, or Republican voters for consistently meager primary election turnout. 

Yesterday, Kelly -- who does not consider himself a Republican or even a conservative, but rather an anti-Communist -- responded to a tweet from someone who was upset that his conservative town in a red state was hosting a 'pride' parade, including a drag show. 

What followed was a thread of straight-fire truth and an important call to action.

Settle in. 


We have seen this play out over and over again in corporations and educational institutions. The truly woke activists are not the majority there, they just know how to seize power and control, and then bully everyone else into compliance. 

Guess where a lot of 'Drag Time Story Hour' events take place? Public libraries. 

Politics is power. And that's it. That's all it is when you get down to brass tacks. 

Call them 'woke,' call them 'Communists' (they're the same thing in the end), but you cannot deny that they know how to infiltrate institutions. They've been doing it for decades. We don't know if they're winning today, but they HAVE been winning for years, as demonstrated by the endemic rot in many of those institutions, no matter how small.


Kelly then pivots to telling the original poster he was responding to -- and telling everyone else -- how to WIN. And it's not that complicated. 

You don't have to run for Congress. Focus on your community. 

Participate. Don't just offer opinions or express your outrage online. 

Be as loud as they are. And get everyone you know to be as loud as they are. Like any bully, we've seen how weak wokeness is when confronted directly. They thrive when people ignore them ... until it's too late. 


As we said, it could not be any simpler. Stop heckling Communists from the stands and get in the game. A few conservatives on every local school board or every town council can do great things.

It's not exactly difficult to become part of an HOA. Because no one wants to. Except for woke Communists. They see every HOA as a great opportunity, one of the 'choke points' Kelly mentioned. 

The left absolutely depends on people just wanting to be left alone.  


Kelly is very good at making like-minded people uncomfortable. But being uncomfortable is what it takes. 

The irony, of course, is that many people likely felt it was a positive thing to let people who look like that onto school boards, library boards, and more. They wanted to feel good, to be 'inclusive,' and let them have a voice. 

Communists do not care at all about how good we feel or 'letting everyone have a voice.' They're the exact opposite. 


Small fish can make the BIGGEST difference. It's not something that will get noticed by national media, earn a lot of fame, or even be that financially rewarding. 

But it can be THE difference in many local communities between thriving and being destroyed.

Jesse Kelly knows this. It's high time a lot of Americans learn this lesson too. 

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