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Can We Elect Him President? Escaped Circus Elephant Roams the Streets in Butte, Montana


It's time to address the elephant in the ... streets? 

Yes, 2024 is starting to get really weird. And, just think, the cicadas aren't even here yet. But we'll bet none of you had 'Escaped Elephant Roams the City of Butte, Montana' on your 2024 bingo cards. 


Yesterday, RawsAlerts posted some videos on Twitter of an elephant who had escaped the Jordan World Circus and could be seen casually strolling the streets of Butte to the shock and surprise of local residents and law enforcement. 

Tusk, tusk. It's no big deal. Jumbo was just out for a stroll, that's all. Let's watch: 

The tweet continues with more information about this pachyderm promenade: 

Watch as Law enforcement and other authorities shutdown the streets after a Circus elephant was running loose in the streets stopping traffic while a handler ran after it after escaping from traveling circus tent in Butte Montana. Officals from Jordan World Circus said the elephant’s handlers were washing the female elephant outside the civic center when a passing vehicle backfired and spooked the animal causing it temporarily to escape. The spooked animal was soon safely corralled back at the civic center without injury.

There was more video from town security cameras. 


We recommend watching the videos above with the sound on. The commentary in the first one and the music in the second are hilarious. We particularly love the lone individual following Dumbo's path, wondering in vain how he would ever be able to stop the meandering mammoth.

With world events going about as badly as humanly possible recently, Twitter was eager to have some fun with this story (especially since it all ended without injury to the elephant).

Honestly, who wouldn't?

YES. You give that giant, good boy a home. 

Ahhh, we see what you did there. Very well played.


LOL. With their famed memories, we naturally assume that elephants are outstanding card counters. 

It wouldn't be an escaped elephant story without a good Simpsons reference. 

Every guy on Twitter will look at that and say, 'HELL, YEAH.'

An overwhelming number of people on Twitter were on the elephant's side here and who can blame them? Ganesha looked like he was having the time of his life. 

Everyone was. 

You stop that. That's birds you're talking about. Elephants are REAL. 


We wanted to keep this article politics-free, but those two were just too funny. (We refrained from including the many Lizzo references, though.)

We are, however, quite willing to vote for Babar for President, or even king.

Alllll-righty then. 

YOU try telling that walking Mt. Kilimanjaro that he doesn't have the right of way at an intersection. (Unfortunately, there weren't any protesters in his way who had glued themselves to the road.)

We're only four months into 2024. Just sayin'.

OK. Maybe some people DID have 'escaped elephant' on their bingo cards. 

We knew The Rock was up to no good. 

But there's one song -- at least for people of a certain age -- that sums up Tusker's adventures in Montana perfectly: 


Chef's kiss. We can't beat that. We'll end with Matt Monro's title track to the movie Born Free for those not old enough to remember it: 

We're happy this story ended well for everyone, especially the elephant. But we want to send him a bag of peanuts and some fermented fruit from a Marula tree to thank him for all the fun he provided to Butte ... and to Twitter. 

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