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Who Are We Letting Teach Our Children?


It's no secret that we have a serious mental health problem in America. And it's also no secret that a primary nexus of this problem is the trans and trans activist communities. You cannot go a single day anymore without seeing a new video found by Libs of TikTok where a trans or TRA is posting their dissociation from reality publicly for the world to see. 

Increasingly, we are also seeing that dissociation is tied to violent threats or fantasies against anyone who dares not 'affirm' their delusions. Just ask J.K. Rowling. 

But it gets so much worse when we see how many of these people are employed in the field of education. Here is just the most recent example, posted by Libs of TikTok over the weekend: 

We should probably be grateful that this particular person only threatened to punch her colleague and not much, much worse. 

But here is my question: how does someone who looks and acts like this make it through a job interview process ANYWHERE, let alone at a school? 

OK, this is a rhetorical question because we all know how. School boards and school administrators across America have fully embraced the gender cult. Hair that looks like a rainbow vomited on your head, a face with as many piercings as possible, and nails that could be used as ACTUAL weapons are probably considered an advantage for aspiring teachers in many school districts. 

There's a reason everyone says, 'Why do they always look like this?'

Hey, I grew up in Generation X. I am not going to pretend that dressing and looking outlandish is anything new or shocking. I've got bad news for these Gen Z trans teachers: everything you are doing with your look has been done before by punk rockers in the late 70s and new wavers in the 80s. Sorry to break the news to you. (Of course, we never believed that men could have babies ... because we weren't padded-room crazy.)

But some things WERE different between then and now: punks, goths, new wavers, or metalheads in the 80s did not DEMAND (increasingly violently) that everyone 'affirm' or 'normalize' our subcultures. On the contrary, being divergent was part of the draw. 'Dare to be different' was one of the most popular slogans in alternative culture for years. We didn't want 'affirmation,' we outright rejected it. It was a point of pride.

But here is the key: do you know what we DIDN'T do back then? We (meaning society in this instance) didn't allow -- and encourage -- this kind of rebellious look or behavior in people responsible for teaching children. If anyone walked into a job interview at a school sporting a mohawk, facial piercings, and a studded leather jacket, they would get laughed out of the room faster than they could sit down. 

This is what needs to come back.

If you want to indulge your alternative lifestyle, knock yourself out. But it should not be 'normalized,' least of all in professions where children are involved. That is how a society slowly destroys itself.

No society will ever embrace every lifestyle or perspective. It just doesn't happen. So, when we normalize that which is abnormal, the inevitable result is that what was previously accepted as normal will then get rejected. 

Of course, this is the goal of cultural Marxism. To destroy the 'normal,' including traditions, values, families, and more. It has to end, or Western civilization will end. And ending it starts with holding people accountable. 

These are all good steps for accountability. Fire the teacher, oust the school administration, and file lawsuits. This claw-handed teacher is probably a true believer, but the chances are her administrators are not. People would be surprised how quickly a principal or superintendent will change their tune about 'affirming' violent gender cultists once they see their name listed as a co-defendant. 

Most importantly, people -- parents in particular -- need to pay closer attention to and get involved in local elections again, particularly city councils, county boards, and of course, school boards. For too long, TRAs and other cultural Marxists have counted on people not getting involved, and they were right. 

In the end, however, TRAs are no different than a schoolyard bully. All it takes to defeat many of them is enough people standing up to them and saying, 'NO.'

Too many of them have never heard that word, or not nearly enough. There's no time like the present to make them hear it over and over again. 


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