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Hotel California: San Francisco Tells Grocery Stores They Can't Check Out OR Ever Leave

AP Photo/Noah Berger

Just when we think California couldn't get any more bars-in-the-window insane than it already has, along comes San Francisco to say, 'Hold our poop map.'

In a state that has basically legalized shoplifting and looting, many businesses, including grocery stores, have been forced to shutter their doors. For large chains like Target or Whole Foods -- which have closed several stores in the past year due to the rampant crime -- this is simply a loss on the balance sheet. They will move on and find another location. But for local, small businesses, it is the end of a livelihood, the end of a dream.


Not to worry, though. In the wake of hundreds of business closures in the past couple of years, San Francisco is poised to take swift action ... against the grocery stores. 


Thanks to Twitchy friend James Woods for sharing this news from Fox Business. It is every bit as bad as Woods describes it, and then some. 

San Francisco lawmaker introduced a proposal that would require grocery stores in the city to provide six months of notice before closing a store and to explore a replacement supermarket at the vacated location.

Preston's proposal would require grocery store owners to provide six months written notice to the Board of Supervisors as well as the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD). The store would also be required to post notices at all entries and exits as a means of informing customers and the general public.

Dean Preston. Because OF COURSE, it is Dean Preston. This is the same 'democratic socialist' who wants to take away guns from security guards trying to prevent crime.

The bill does provide some exceptions for businesses that have to close for natural disasters, emergencies, or 'unforeseen circumstances.' (That probably doesn't include rampant looting though, because San Francisco law means that everyone can foresee the crime that comes from that.)


Under the legislation, any person affected by a grocery store's failure to comply with the requirements could initiate legal proceedings for damages, injunctive relief, declaratory relief, or a writ of mandate to remedy the violation. 

Oh, even better. Now the same people who shoplifted from grocery stores at will -- with no fear of consequence -- can sue those businesses if they refuse to operate under such lawless conditions. 

Talk about adding insult to injury.

We're glad we're not the only ones who thought of 'Hotel California' here. This is bonkers. 

If you own a business, you are obviously an 'oppressor' to people like Preston. So no, you don't have any rights. Anything he wants to do to you is justified in his warped mind. 

We could have sworn that institution was outlawed in the United States with the 13th Amendment. 


We're no fan of insurance companies, that's for sure. But honestly, who can blame them for not wanting to insure anything in California or San Francisco?

As scary as what San Francisco wants to do, are you ready for the really terrifying part? Just wait until states like California start imposing massive 'exit taxes' for PEOPLE who have had enough and don't want to live in their dystopian nightmares anymore. 

If you don't think those are coming ... think again. 

Common sense and California should never be used in the same sentence. 

Don't forget to loot the copper wiring. 


The pain is the point. John Carpenter should bring Snake Plissken out of retirement for 'Escape from San Francisco: Shopowner Edition.'

Don't give them any ideas. 

It reminds us of the corporate media that keeps trying to tell Americans that it's OUR fault that we don't appreciate how great a President Joe Biden is. 

We just need to lower our expectations some more. Come on, man. 

Very good call, friend.

HA. True enough. We want to feel sympathy for the people living in San Francisco, but it's difficult when they keep voting for politicians who hate them. 

Time to say, 'Maybe they'll learn THIS time' again ... for the eleventy-billionth time.


Hang on, we're thinking ... 

... Nope. We got nothin'. 

There are plenty of cities and states with great weather. It's time for sensible people in San Francisco and California to get the hell out. 

While it's still legal. 


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