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Wait, We Thought It Wasn't Real: DOJ Wants Prison Time for Woman Who 'Stole' Ashley Biden's Diary

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

In 2020, when it was reported that someone had stolen the diary of Joe Biden's daughter Ashley -- you know, that diary in which Ashley writes of how her father took inappropriate showers with her and made her very uncomfortable -- the media and leftist 'influencers' went out of their way to claim that the leaked diary pages were not real. 


And why wouldn't they? After all, it worked (for a while) with Hunter Biden's laptop, claiming that was all just 'Russian disinformation.' 

Of course, the FBI ruined those claims about the diary when they egregiously raided the home of James O'Keefe, then of Project Veritas, who was in possession of the diary's contents ... even though he had turned it over to authorities when the woman who stole it, Aimee Harris, sold it to his organization. That 2021 raid even shocked some leftist reporters.

After all, why would the FBI be so invested in the diary if it was all fake 'right-wing propaganda'?

Yesterday, Biden's Department of Justice further verified the diary's unseemly contents when they stepped into the sentencing of Harris (who has already pled guilty) to demand that she serve four to 10 months in prison for the theft. 

For the 'theft' of a diary that was abandoned. Let that sink in. 

According to The New York Post, prosecutors originally had sought a lighter sentence of six months home confinement for Harris until the DOJ waded into the proceedings. 

'The defendant’s sentence must also account for the manner in which she has abused the administration of justice throughout the pendency of this court proceeding,' the filing by US Attorney Damian Williams to District Judge Laura Taylor Swain reads.

'A sentence involving no period of incarceration would be wholly insufficient to reflect the gravity of the defendant’s conduct, including her apparent belief that she is above the law and that she need not comply with this Court’s orders,' prosecutors argued in their revamped sentencing request.


It's always hilarious when Biden administration officials try to claim that 'no one is above the law.'

For clarification, the 'abuse' the DOJ is referring to here is simply that Harris has tried to have her sentencing hearing rescheduled several times. (OH, NO. NOT THAT.) She is currently scheduled to be sentenced on April 9. 

But at least we can now put to bed forever the nonsensical claims that everything Biden wrote about her father in the diary is not 100 percent true.

Yep. That's the one. 

The very same. 

Uh-huh. That one too.

[Note: In this writer's non-expert opinion, Harris probably wouldn't have had to plead guilty in the first place -- since the diary indeed was left behind -- except for the fact that she tried to and eventually sold it to a media outlet.]


But remember: no one is above the law, according to the DOJ. 

Silly Twitter. Karine Jean-Pierre won't have to answer any questions about this. Because of course, she won't. 


Have we explained the rules to Calvinball recently? Maybe we should run a refresher on them. 

Obviously, that SHOULD happen. But the chances that it WILL happen are about the same as the chances that President Biden can climb a set of stairs without taking a tumble. 

That's a whole lot of Fed action just for something that's 'not real.'

Yikes. Spare us that particular nightmare fuel. 

That pretty well sums it up. 

Biden's Department of Justice is not only corrupt to the core, they are arrogant about it. They laugh in our faces about it. This is merely the latest example that when they say 'no one is above the law,' they mean except for them and their favored political patrons.


Or, as someone once wrote, 'All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.'

What was that guy's name again?


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