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Jemele Hill Projects Identity Politics Before Caitlin Clark's Historic NCAA Elite Eight Performance

AP Photo/Cliff Jette

There is one weekend remaining in March Madness as both the men's and women's tournaments narrowed their respective fields down to their Final Fours on Easter weekend. Last night, the nation was focused on the women's Elite 8 matchups, specifically, the rematch of last year's national championship game between LSU and Iowa. 


Though LSU took the title in 2023, Iowa was the favorite last night, mainly because of their star guard Caitlin Clark. And Clark delivered, scoring 41 points and adding seven rebounds and 12 assists -- a near triple-double performance -- as Iowa advanced to the Final Four, 94-87.

Unfortunately, leading up to the game, while everyone should have been focused on the on-the-court matchup, some people wanted to inject race and identity politics into the game. And no one is surprised that one of those leading that charge was none other than professional race hustler, Jemele Hill. 

Appearing on the equally woke Dan Le Batard's radio show yesterday, Hill tried to make everything about the game a contest of race. Watch (warning for some NSFW language in this clip): 

Here's a little tip for Hill: people are not fascinated by Clark because she is a 'kind soul' who 'represents middle America.' People watch her play in record numbers because she is -- quite simply -- one of the greatest women's college basketball players to ever step on the court.

Here is just a brief snapshot of Clark's career accomplishments. She has been a first-team All-American all four of her years at Iowa. She has won the Dawn Staley award as the nation's best guard a record three times in a row and will certainly break her own record by winning it again this year. She has averaged nearly 30 points per game every year at Iowa. She won national player of the year as a junior and will win it again after her senior season ends. On Feb. 15 this year, she became women's basketball's all-time leading scorer (dropping 49 points that night, one of her record THIRTEEN 40-point performances in her career). She also holds the women's NCAA record for most career three-point baskets made.


Believe us, we could go on. We haven't even mentioned her performances with the U.S. Women's Junior National Team, or that she is the only college player who was invited to the U.S. Women's Senior National Team training camp leading up to the Paris Olympics this summer. 

The point is, Clark is a bonafide superstar. No one else in women's college basketball -- or men's college basketball, for that matter -- can match her in terms of individual accomplishments and records.

None of this means anything at all to Hill, of course. She has to draw the racial divide lines because that is the only thing that Hill cares about. 

HA. If it weren't for race hustling, Hill would be long forgotten by now. 

It's not just that she hates them (she does), it's that she draws false equivalencies to justify her hate, like equating Clark with LSU's Angel Reese, another star who caused controversy in LSU's 2023 national championship win over Iowa by taunting Clark on the court and embracing racial politics of her own after the game: 


This type of identity politics is right up Hill's alley and she played it to the hilt leading up to last night's game. 

We often write about the left and projection here at Twitchy, so this does not come as a surprise to anyone. 

Hill being black isn't really the point. There were plenty of black people in sports media, such as Jason Whitlock, who didn't make the rematch about race or who 'represented' what parts of America. 

The point is that race is the ONLY thing Hill sees. 

Hill can't do that. She's irrelevant if she does. 

Fortunately, after the Iowa-LSU game last night, both Clark and Reece showed Hill that she is irrelevant to them as well. 

Hey, look at that. No animosity, no racial politics, just a handshake, a hug, and a brief whisper to each other.


Most people love to see exchanges like that. For Jemele Hill, it must have been painful to watch.


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