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Glenn Greenwald obliterates NYT and corporate media (again) in thread about EU censorship law

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File

On October 3, Glenn Greenwald posted a tweet thread lambasting the European Union (EU) for its proposed Digital Services Act. The planned law, like the UK's Online Safety Law, is little more than thinly veiled state censorship of online speech. 


Greenwald cites The New York Times in his discussion of this law. This is not out of convenience or by coincidence. It is deliberate in service of his larger point. He continues: 

A free internet is 'too dangerous.' This is what the people in power are saying with these laws. Greenwald then returns to The New York Times and other legacy corporate media outlets in his next few explosive tweets. 


'US officials said.' Make no mistake. The charge Greenwald is leveling against the media could not be more damning. They do not serve as a check on state power but as a partner in it. Apparatchiks, in the full Soviet sense of the word.

And with all of the examples he cites, in this thread and others, it is difficult to dispute his assertion. 

The answer is that there is no difference. 

Fellow 'right-wing extremist' (which is left-speak for 'actual investigative journalist') Matt Taibbi also weighed in: 


But Greenwald saved the real kicker for the last tweet in his thread. 

This advice is like one of those 3D art pictures: once you see it, you can't unsee it. 

Go ahead. Pick any recent prominent news story where the government has a narrative to push. You will find 'US officials say...' throughout the corporate media, particularly The Washington Post and The New York Times, regarding that story. 

If there is one thing for certain after events like COVID-19 in recent years, it is that the 'expert' class has completely destroyed itself. 

Don't take our word or even Greenwald's word for it. Do his exercise for yourself. The next time you see a news story regarding Covid, Ukraine, China, US elections, or any other prominent national or international event, look at the legacy media and count up the number of times 'anonymous officials,' 'US officials,' or 'experts' are cited. 


And then lament the fact that we no longer have a free press in the United States. 

But we still have independent media. So, at least we have places where journalism still exists and thrives. Until they shut that down too (they're already trying to with the laws like the ones in the UK and EU). 


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