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President Sippy Cup tries to resurrect debunked 'suckers and losers' lie; Twitter buries him


On Monday, President Joe Biden, looking as riddled with dementia as ever, took to his podium to try to denounce his chief rival for the presidency by rolling out a long-debunked lie that Donald Trump once called members of the military 'suckers and losers.' Then, President Silver Alert -- or whoever tweets for him: Karine Jean-Pierre, some hapless intern, the ghost of Corn Pop -- decided to post that lie to Twitter. 


Seriously, dude. What's with the angry, unhinged shouting all the time? 

Look, we're not here to tell you what to think of Donald Trump. Love him, hate him, or feel indifferent about him, this story has long since been discredited. It never had any validity to begin with, really. It was initially reported by Jeffrey Goldberg in the joke of a publication, The Atlantic, with zero corroboration. The rest of the media then picked it up, also with zero corroboration. Meanwhile, more than a dozen people close to Trump, who were with him at the time, denied he ever said it. 

But it didn't matter. The left had their narrative and ran with it. And, apparently, are still running with it. 

But Twitter was not about to let Silver Alert get away with it this time. 

Many users posted this image in reply to the president. Unlike his anecdote, Biden's disrespect for the military was captured on video. 

The piling on continued, so we'll let the tweets speak for themselves for a bit ... 


Like we said, you don't have to love Donald Trump to know that Biden is lying here. Or at least whoever told him what to say knows it's a lie. 

That tweet ends with the statement, 'You believe every voter is a sucker and a loser.' It's pretty difficult to argue against that. 

Let's not forget either that it's not just the military that Biden has no respect for. 

He also called Obama 'clean and articulate,' said 'You ain't black' if you don't vote for him, said 'Poor kids are just as smart as white kids,' and worried that minorities didn't know how to get on the internet. And that's just recently. It gets worse when we go back to his 'racial jungle' days of school integration in the 70s. 


Honestly, if we used this space to list all of Biden's lies, we'd be here until Christmas ... of 2024. 

Yes, it wouldn't be a Biden speech if he didn't try to exploit the death of his son. That is also who Joe Biden is. 


We think we'll end with the following tweet, just so people remember the person who is talking in Biden's video and give his lies the credibility they deserve: 

Yes, whether you love Trump, endorse another candidate, or just don't like it when presidents lie to people, Biden's got to go. 

* * *

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