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Welcome to Clown World: You'll never guess what is keeping a coal power plant open

(AP Photo/Martin Meissner)

The demands by the left that we 'fundamentally transform' our society (do those words sound familiar?) into a carbon-neutral economy steps on a lot of rakes. There is Biden's EPA chief, Joseph Goffman, who doesn't know how much electricity the United States needs each year, the politicians who don't realize that charging EVs requires about 90% of traditional grid electricity, and, of course, everyone's favorite giggling vice president, who famously can't even figure out how to charge an EV. 


But maybe the biggest rake of all so far came recently from Kansas, where a coal-fired power plant that was slated for closure will now remain open because ... it is needed to supply power to a brand new, $4 billion Panasonic EV battery factory just outside of Kansas City.  

The amount of energy the new Panasonic EV battery facility needs is so high, in fact, that a representative from Evergy, the public utility serving the factory, testified before the Kansas City Corporation Commission that there are serious 'near-term challenges from a resource adequacy perspective.'

Put another way, the Panasonic EV battery factory in De Soto is an energy hog of epic proportions. As such, Evergy says it will have to continue burning coal at a nearby power plant in Lawrence that was previously slated to eventually transition to natural gas production.

If you are laughing right now, that is the appropriate response. 

Except we're not supposed to laugh, because our moral, intellectual, and spiritual betters on the left know what's good for us and demand our compliance. 


As long as the free cash keeps coming in from the federal government to subsidize this insanity ($6.8 billion in federal subsidies in the case of the Panasonic plant), the answer to that question is 'never.'

Because they said so? We know it's not a great answer, but it's the answer they're going to give us. 

Hey, we're not supposed to talk about that. Or, for that matter, where the materials for EV batteries come from. 

Along with the jokes, the Orwellian parallels also write themselves. 


There really is no denying it anymore. 

But as funny as it is to laugh at these embarrassments, there is a serious side to all of this. 

We hope that as well. But there is a reason a growing number of people are starting to call the environmental activist movement a 'death cult.' 

Hopefully, we wake up from Clown World pretty soon. 


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