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Mark Cuban's text messages with YouTube host reveal his scary Covid demands

We know that Covid broke a lot of people. What is becoming pretty clear in the aftermath of Covid (yes, it is over, no matter what the Biden administration says) is that maybe a lot of these people were broken to begin with. Covid just put it all out in the open. 

Take Mark Cuban, billionaire businessman, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and all-around annoying scold. Recently, YouTube host Layah Heilpern revealed a text message exchange she had with Cuban in 2021 about appearing on her program to discuss Bitcoin. Heilpern and Cuban seemed to have a cordial relationship at the time, but his texts to her reveal a frightening level of Covid hysteria and worse.


'When you get vaccinated and tell others to do the same, I will come on.'

'I won't do it if you are not.'

'My choice not to support people who haven't been vaccinated.'

Cuban is correct about one thing, of course. It is his choice. But the scariest part of his texts to her is '...and tell others to do the same.'

Heilpern was an outspoken critic of vaccine mandates in 2021. She spoke often at the time about opposing mandates, and tweeted this shortly before her conversation with Cuban: 

It wasn't enough for Cuban that she herself get vaccinated. He wanted her to fall in line and tell other people to get vaccinated too. Say, what happened to 'my choice,' Mark? 


And, by the way, how did Cuban know she wasn't vaccinated? Though she tweets often now about opposing the vaccine in general, in 2021, she was mostly speaking out against mandates. She asked Cuban this question. 

'Hey Mark, out of curiosity, where did you get this information on my vaccination status? I don't recall sharing this personal information or having an 'anti-vax' opinion.

Cuban did not respond to this, just deflected away from it to talk about 'data.' Of course, much of that 'data' has been refuted during the past couple of years, as we've learned that the vaccine never prevent infection or transmission. 

But then came the punchline. In response to Colin Rugg's reporting of this text message exchange, Heilpern offered this hilarious addendum: 

A virtual interview. Oh, that is just too good, LOL. Mark Cuban was not concerned about his own health, as he wouldn't have even been in the same room with Heilpern. He just wanted compliance. 

It is unreal but, sadly, all to easy to believe. 


I guess he didn't keep up with the data.

Cuban needs to know all of it, of course. It's 'for your safety.'

We do remember that. Yikes. All the yikes. 

Yep, we're out too. Like we said, maybe some people like Cuban were just always broken. We can't fix that, but we can definitely stand against them in trying to impose their totalitarian neuroses on the rest of us. 



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