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Just for Fun: Habibi bro takes on Gen X, Gen X responds with a resounding 'meh'


You may know one Ahmed Al Asliken from his great tweets or as one part of the Habibi Bros. with Siraj Hashmi. He is a very funny account and we enjoy his dismantling the left with hilarious takes. 


Recently, however, he turned his sights on Generation X and that is an affront we cannot abide. Like members of Delta House, Gen X gets to make fun of ourselves -- we're extremely good at it, in fact -- but when someone comes at us, we circle the wagons to the max.

Dude, you're trippin'. Did he mean this sincerely? Possibly. Gen X always did like to think of ourselves as the apathy generation. We grew up independent and learned very early on not to trust authority and that anyone who joined in with the establishment was bogus.

More likely however, Ahmed was trolling Twitter/X for funny content, in which case: mission accomplished, bro. Setting aside everyone in Gen X who kindly corrected his spelling here, the replies and QTs are still coming in. 

Gen X does love us some Star Wars. Or at least we did, until Disney bought Star Wars and turned it to the dark side to please Gen Z. OUR Luke Skywalker may have been whiny, but at least he didn't slobber green milk all over his face. 


This is very true. This author may or may not still have collection agencies searching for him for all those cassettes and CDs he ordered for a penny. And then conveniently forgot to buy more of them like he was supposed to. 

Ummm, no comment? 

And not only can Gen X defend ourselves, we can also serve up some gnarly disses, homeslice. 


Now that we think about it, Gen X could do a lot worse from a branding standpoint than 'We're not you: chill and deal.'

There were some serious takes as well, and it's difficult to argue against them. 

Both of these are true. But really, we're just here for the funny. 

Hey, you don't live in constant fear of global thermonuclear annihilation without developing a pretty dark sense of humor. 


Fer sher, our music is better than any other generation. Like, totally. That's why millennials and Gen Z still like to listen to it, even though they won't admit it.  

But who knows? Maybe someday, the old boomers who refuse to give up power in our country will finally retire and Gen X will have an opportunity to show the world how much better we are. Or not. Until that day, we'll just be chillin' in our cribs, listening to The Cure, watching John Hughes movies, and playing Adventure on our Atari 2600s. All in all, that sounds pretty radical.


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