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Iowahawk Demystifies the 'Latine' Thing


They're at it again. As we reported earlier, Axios published a piece for Axios Latino explaining the new hotness that white liberals and their colonized Latinx allies are pushing on the Hispanic communities. You should read the Twitchy piece for its well deserved evisceration. Even the Axios article itself says that actual Latinos are not warm to the idea but hopefully they can be educated in the ways of genderless enlightenment.


Then Iowahawk weighed in. And that, friends, is worth a whole post of its own.

You don't have to be a genius like Burge is to see that this in an incoherent piece that contradicts itself. "Calling people Latino or Hispanic treats them as a monolith. Therefore we recommend lumping them into another vague group called 'Latines'." Pure, undiluted academic critical theory logic.


Oh, he said that already. 

Honestly, this does more damage to indigenous communities that wearing a sombrero and sipping a Partyrita on Cinco de Mayo.

The rest of the Tweet.

Could you be more specific?

Scientifically, people whose surnames end in Z. 

Why not just call them "Latinos"?

Because "Latinos" blurs important nuances, and their stupid language has gendered nouns for "Latinos" and "Latinas." 

Now you can see how the gender neutral "Latines" really unblurs important nuances. 

So why did you stop using "Latinx"?

Because people on Twitter made fun of us. 

What do Latines call themselves?

I honestly have no idea, but it's probably not something my dissertation committee would approve of.


That's the perfect summary.

Bonus! A campus safe song of Latine love!

And he missed the land acknowledgement, but other than that 9/10.

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