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Jim Jordan tries to survive a RINO stampede to become the next Speaker of the House

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Following Steve Scalise's exit from the race for the speakership, Ohio's Jim Jordan became the GOP's next likely choice to serve in the role.


Jordan received the needed votes in conference to be considered, but he'll need 217 votes in the full House.

No, not that Full House … we mean the one filled with self-interested politicians who seem incapable of accomplishing anything useful.

Jim Jordan's current roadblock is coming from GOP establishment types.

Some of the first criticism came from the retired RINO caucus.

Not to be outdone by Cheney, former Ukrainian congressman, Adam Kinzinger, is taking shots at Jordan as well.

The opposition to Jim Jordan that actually matters, however, is not coming from failed GOP politicians but rather from establishment holdouts within the party.


If you're more interested in working with Democrats than members of your own party, you may want to think about why Liz Cheney was forced into early retirement by the voters of Wyoming.


Stop it already! We already like Jim Jordan. You don't have to keep selling him.

The horsetrading that goes on behind closed doors between politicians would likely turn our stomachs, but public votes have a way of scaring squishy statesmen to make popular choices, often against their instincts.


With 55 'no' votes on the secret ballot, Jordan has some work to do, but how many of those votes were in favor of another candidate or in opposition to the Gaetz revolt against McCarthy, rather than hard opposition to Jordan?

We're guessing Jordan eventually picks up most of those votes, but no candidate can weather many holdouts.

Any nominee faces the same difficult math, so representatives will also likely be weighing the public perception of a party that can't even manage to elect its leadership.

We'll see if the vote actually happens on Tuesday. If not, Jordan clearly doesn't have the votes … yet.

If a public vote is taken, Jordan will have most, if not all, of the votes needed to become Speaker and will either win outright or the goal will be to pressure the holdouts to cave.

If the vote margin is small, that pressure will become enormous, as the Speaker position remains vacant, to the delight of Democrats.


See what we mean? The opposition won't likely hold up long against accusations of working with Democrats and favoring Hakeem Jeffries over a known GOP entity, especially when the forced-out speaker, Kevin McCarthy, already supports Jordan.

Look, GOP, if you're not going to get anything else right, at least you can make Democrats mad. We at least deserve that.

Dang! That's way too accurate. LOL.

Hey, every circus needs a ringmaster. Time will tell if it's Jim Jordan.


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