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Randi Weingarten's greatest hits: Everybody hurts sometimes

Now that everyone is finally admitting that school closures had a detrimental effect on America’s kids, including learning loss, Randi Weingarten just wants to move on.


It was a pandemic, after all. Everyone was suffering! What’s a little extra suffering for your kiddos? Let’s just focus on helping them recover and thrive.

She’s going to be asking for more money next, isn’t she?

Randi probably should have read past the first tweet in the thread she retweeted.

Remote or hybrid school ‘had profound consequences for student achievement’. It also did greater damage to poor kids. Maybe even the white kids too, eh Joe Biden?

Unfortunately, Randi, the thread continues.


‘School closures created more harm to kids than they prevented in adults’.

Randi Weingarten and the teachers unions had a significant impact on extending school closures in the United States.

They’d like you to forget that now and just move on. After all, blaming people for their actions during an unprecedented pandemic is really not fair, right?

Oh, I guess everyone suffered during the pandemic, because of Trump, back in 2020.

We don’t know about you, but it wasn’t really the greatest situation that a woman who had such powerful influence over keeping your kids out of school was also using school closures as a wedge to try to elect Joe Biden.

Twitter users had some thoughts for Randi (in quote tweets, of course, because Randi always locks down replies, for democracy and stuff).


Pay no attention to the Democrat activist behind the curtain.

Karol has solved the mystery!

And the truth shall set you free! Or … at least maybe your kids the next time these bozos try to pull something like this.

And was roundly criticized for it as a science denier, if we recall correctly.


‘The adults are back in charge.’ We like it.


This is a good idea. There’s probably a certain political party that is regularly backed by these unions (see Equus asinus).


Watch your step there, Randi, you’re about to trip over some science.

Finally, someone offering solutions.

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