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Inflation: Local bakery's sign of rising product prices not a good sign for Democrats … or the rest of us

Real life is getting in the way of President Biden’s assurances that everything is fine. His Build Back Broker agenda is hitting Americans’ finances in ways even they can’t hide.


Today’s exhibit was posted by the Wall Street Silver account. It is purported to be from a local baker who provided a whiteboard detailing why their prices have been steadily increasing.

We were not able to independently verify the source of this image, but the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics provides data that backs up the claims.

We’re not economists, guys, but this doesn’t look good.

Graph from BLS showing high inflation for bakery products in 2022

Good thing Democrats passed the Inflation Reduction Act, eh?

Perhaps Biden needs to give a speech demanding that Big Flour refrain from price gouging?

We do too, dude. We do too.

It just doesn’t fly as well for bakers as it does for gas station owners, does it? Maybe it’s the puffy hats.



Elections have consequences.

Yes, the administration apologists are doing everything to deflect attention from the mess Biden’s presiding over. The problem for Democrats is that you can’t lie about prices. People know when they’re paying more.

You’ll notice it’s the same people who are always saying ‘Why do red states always vote against their interests?’


Hear us out: Boston Tea Party, but with sprinkles.

Meanwhile, people like Robert Reich are talking about the 80’s and ‘trickle down economics’, as if things could get worse than what Biden’s doing.

There you go. Direct from the baker’s mouth, er, tweet.

Considering they hyped it as a climate change bill, I think it’s already kicking in.

‘We did it, Joe!’

Yes, they did.

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