This clip from the Whatever Podcast of young women refusing to define the word ‘woman’ is an unfortunate glimpse in to current American culture.

Host Brian Atlas circled his buxom bunch of beauties, asking what used to be the simplest of questions: What is a woman?

Only one of the eight penisless panelists dared offer a definition (nine, if you count the blue-haired mannequin). She, of course, understood that a woman is an adult human female, born with XX chromosomes. We’re pretty sure the rest understood too, but in the absence of men who have silenced them throughout much of human history, these women have chosen to silence themselves on the very question of what defines them.

Yay, Women’s History Month!

There was no shortage of opinions as the video clip made its way through Twitter.

We’re gonna be straight with you: We don’t exactly know what the Whatever Podcast is. They pitch themselves as a ‘dating talk’ podcast.

On cursory review, it appears to be a podcast where female 20-somethings adjust their hair and cans on camera, proudly discuss their poor choices, and generally project a poor image of women.

Don’t worry, ladies. We don’t believe this group is representative of women in general.

Fear of being labeled ‘hateful’ is the most powerful weapon the Left has devised.

Have you ever noticed how the debate is mostly focused on whether men can rightly identify themselves as women?

Men have been pushing women into the corner for millennia. The battle for transgender acceptance is being waged against the opponent assumed to be weakest. Boys will be boys, we suppose.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Because not being seen as ‘mean’ is the highest virtue of modern society, and it’s being used to manipulate everyone.

It’s sort of mean, if you ask us.

All must submit.

The unafraid woman is Aly Drummond, the co-host of this episode and known as RealFemSapien on Twitter, YouTube, and all the others. Aly appears to be devoted to pushing back on this nonsense, and the plethora of other nonsenses we’re being force-fed by progressivism.

LOLOLOL! And … we are officially dead. The blue-haired girl was easily the second smartest woman in attendance.

We were told cancel culture doesn’t exist.

If someone is allowed to threaten your well-being, they can hold you hostage.

The underlying hook of the podcast was not lost on everyone. LOL.

It’s been a long, hard struggle for women to reach the point where they’re not allowed to defined themselves.

LOL. This classic Kindergarten Cop clip wouldn’t survive the editing process today. Let that sink in for a minute … ouch.

Just stop, indeed.


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