Chaya Raichik, the creator of the Libs of TikTok Twitter account announced that she’s publishing a children’s book, sending leftists into a frothing rage – accusing her of domestic terrorism and peddling Nazi propaganda. In other words, just an average day for the modern Left in America.

What is the focus of this children’s book that has caused such a dustup among the libs that Raichik so often features on her Twitter account?

Maybe the books commands kids not to ‘say gay’? Does the book make fun of rainbow flag-waving teachers? Perhaps it tells kids how to deal with their sexuality?

Nope, it’s none of that.

The book, titled No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern, tells children not to keep secrets from their parents and warns them to be wary of adults who would ask them to keep secrets from their parents.

Many on the Left simply do not agree with this message, which seems absurdly obvious to most reasonable people.

This was not the only person to make this criticism.

Yep, Orthodox Jew, Chaya Raichik writing a book about the dangers of adults telling kids to keep secrets from their parents is the same as a book about how to become a Nazi.

Hey, we didn’t tell you the criticism was going to be intelligent.

This really isn’t difficult.

This was the ‘gotcha’ employed by many of the critics. Thankfully, we here at Twitchy are here to help!

If your teacher asks you to keep secrets from your parents, do not trust that teacher!

If your coach asks you to keep secrets from your parents, do not trust that coach!

If your Christian pastor asks you to keep secrets from your parents, do not trust that pastor!

See how easy that is?

It seems rather straightforward, right? Not according to Twitter.

The reason many liberals are opposed to Raichik’s book is because they do believe children should keep secrets from their parents, as long as those parents are ‘bigots’, at least.

And who gets to determine who the ‘bigoted parents’ are? Well, the people encouraging kids to keep secrets from their parents, of course.

It’s okay, you see, because the parents in this case do not hold the same political and social views as the teachers.

According to many, Chaya Raichik is a ‘terrorist’ who is using Nazi tactics.

Also, book banning is suddenly popular among the Left again.

LOL! Focus, Ron!

Imagine a conservative teacher telling a student they were going to help them understand why they weren’t actually gay, but the student needed to keep their conversation secret from his parents.


And that, friends, is why we need more people like Chaya Raichik pushing back against those who would use public institutions to indoctrinate children.



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