Slack is an instant messaging platform owned by Salesforce, often widely used across tech workplaces. Slack has now permanently suspended Libs of TikTok, citing violations of their Acceptable Use Policy.

At a time when liberals are hyperventilating over fake stories of Republican book-banning, the same people are praising the decision to deplatform Libs of TikTok from Slack.

It seems liberals are perfectly fine with parents not having any say over the politics your tax dollars fund the government to push on your children, but draw the line at people of varied political persuasions speaking freely on public platforms.

One of those liberals celebrating the banning of the Libs of TikTok Slack channel was Brian Krassenstein – no stranger to being banned from social media platforms for violating terms of service.

The Brothers Krassenstein were banned for operating ‘fake’ accounts on Twitter and allegedly paying for followers. Those activities are a much more concrete breach than stating political opinions that are unpopular with those on the Left.

The reason why Slack claims their policies were violated have not yet been made clear, but it seems likely the reason will be some form of the ever-subjective ‘hateful conduct’ standard. Usually, that standard is being determined by leftists and amounts to ‘we don’t like your right-leaning political views’.

Time will tell if that is the case here.

‘You want to eat? Here’s your government-mandated set of approved beliefs.’ That’s the leftist utopia.

When Babylon Bee CEO, Seth Dillon, tweeted out the suspension notification from Slack, Salesforce noticed.

We’re not holding our breath.

Wouldn’t that be nice? They just can’t help themselves.

It’s always worth the reminder that Libs of TikTok simply shares videos of libs being libs.

This is constantly met with screeching from the Left along the lines of ‘Libs of TikTok is targeting innocent people! This makes them domestic terrorists!’

Not surprisingly, a lot of Libs of TikTok content consists of videos of liberals targeting innocent schoolchildren.

‘Hey! My students used my pronouns today!’

‘Hey! Look at my classroom! It’s all Pride, all the time!’

‘I cried today because a 5th grader misgendered me.’

By their own definition, this is domestic terrorism.

Evergreen tweet.