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So they want to preserve the authority of the CDC for future use ... hold on to your virtue signals

If not granted the powers they seek through Constitutional means, the government will find another way. Agencies composed of non-elected individuals have great power, without the responsibility of answering to constituents.


How … useful.

Take it from Jenn Psaki, no one is going to willingly relinquish or reduce the sort of power the CDC has been wielding. But don’t worry, it’s for your own good.

What’s the worst that could happen in the name of protecting public health and safety? Does anything qualify as an excessive violation of individual rights and freedoms?  It’s not like we’re suffering the invasive rule of the Chinese government!



Let’s back up a little. We aren’t facing lockdowns in the US right now. We’re taking a break. Some of us are taking a break. Others are hesitant to let go of that which they have been told is very important for staying alive and saving the lives of others. If the CDC officially said TODAY that masks are worthless, some would likely insist they aren’t the scientists that matter. 

The people who followed every government order to shut down and mask up are having a very difficult time letting go of their virtue signals. The nice thing about wearing your politics on your face is the adrenaline rush you get when your people praise the gesture and validate your sanctimonious posing.

Thank goodness others keep receipts. 


If it weren’t for the all-too-common judgment and hypocrisy coming from the dedicated maskers, likely no one would really care what people wear on their faces.  

The most important thing in the whole Covid mandate debate is having the freedom to assess facts and opinions from various sources and make decisions that are best for your own personal health and safety.



Participation in woke society requires instantaneous conformity & declaration of your preferred pronouns – OR ELSE

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