Once again employees are being required to demonstrate their political virtue in the workplace. If you do not check the ‘wokey box’ with the correct response, all of your virtue signals – and potentially your income – may be revoked immediately!

Now that it is acceptable, or preferable even, to broadcast your political leanings in every work-related email, must you? Declining to participate in the left’s latest trend of labeling yourself with preferred pronouns may be considered wildly, and ironically, unprofessional depending on the woke level of a given employer. 

Are a couple of missing pronouns in an email signature a valid violation of predetermined terms of employment? Legal battles are already underway as employees are forced to take a stand for the right to resist newly imposed requirements for declaring personal pronouns. 

Just how well-thought-out is this policy? Is the party of broad acceptance going to limit the list of personal pronouns that an individual can identify as? WHO IS GOING TO HAVE TO REVIEW AND APPROVE THESE?! Not that Leftists have a tendency to under plan, overact, or anything. 

If an employer has not identified an acceptable list of pronouns for use, there is an opportunity to run amok. As the woke wage yet another battle that will force you into compliance with the latest social agenda, you might as well amuse yourself with entertaining loopholes that border the edges of accepting coercion – but not really.

Just one more reason we need to become outrageously ungovernable. 

If all else fails, there’s always the option of going rational and not choosing this particular battle.

You can be rational and adult about it, bite your tongue and carry on … with pronouns.   

The madness may be held at bay, until the next maneuver for advancing the utopia-esque progressive vision is put to action.  It’s just some pronouns guys and next week when you have to declare your support for co-workers who want to live their lives as cats and demand access to a litter box, you won’t bat an eyelash! When is it time to make a stand, good luck getting a plucky bunch of individualists to agree on the breaking points. 

Then again, we could all just learn to code.

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