The ‘zero inflation‘ narrative continues to build in typically predictable fashion after July numbers were released. While true that there was no month-over-month inflation in July, there was another option for reporting a bigger, clearer, picture of the state of the US economy.

Disregarding that pesky little year-over-year inflation factoid (8.5%!), we could all use some good news. What could have possibly contributed to this joyous month of no additional inflation? Wait, wasn’t there some recent legislation aimed at reducing this very thing? Why yes, Democrats happen to have passed the Inflation Reduction Act in the Senate very recently. Perhaps that fast acting legislation has produced a complete and utter miracle!

Either the Miraculous Inflation Reduction Act is a piece of absolutely astounding legislation, or… maybe we don’t really need it at all.

The question had to be asked. Which is it? We can not be funding massive efforts to fight inflation when there is zero inflation.

The Biden Administration and the adoring propagators of the given narrative might have to circle back on this one.  Miraculous legislation is a pretty hard sell when the Inflation Reduction Act hasn’t gone into effect just yet.  There is still time to vote no on spending $485 Million in the name of reducing inflation, has the House received the memo that we have zero inflation? Confused citizens are just wondering.


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