This week, President Joe Biden announced that he had cancer.

Don’t panic though, it was reportedly a false alarm, as POTUS was just rambling about some old cancerous moles that he had removed.

The very next day, it was announced that Uncle Joe had come down with a case of the COVID, despite being thoroughly, proudly, vaccinated.

With a cancer scare one day and COVID the next, speculators started to rumble on the twitter dot com, foreshadowing an eventual Biden replacement.

What if it was time for an elderly POTUS to exit the stage and make way for the next candidate of the Democrat’s choosing? Next in line, technically speaking, is Vice President Kamala, and many theorize that she should be prepared to assume the position.

Don’t count out other contenders, however. Hilary Clinton appeared to put her hat in the ring.

Even Vice President would be an exciting position after spending so much time in the waiting area.

Yes, California Governor, Gavin Newsome also made it into the replacement discussion.

Not so fast guys.  Biden is likely to recover, emerging from his COVID battle all stunning and brave like.

Alas, Biden being on his way out of the Oval Office may be wishful thinking on the part of certain dissatisfied citizens. With Harris, Clinton, and Newsome on deck, though, it may be worth wishing President Biden well.