As Twitchy reported, the fact-checkers are already on the case after President Joe Biden said in Massachusetts that oil slicks on his car windshield back in Scranton are the reason that he and so many people have cancer. The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler is already defending the president from RNC Research by pretending not to know what “present tense” means. Biden said, “I have cancer,” not, I had skin cancer.

Leaving all that aside, if Biden is talking about skin cancer, how did he get that from oil on the car windshield? The White House doctor’s report said Biden’s previous non-malignant skin cancer was caused by sun exposure.

A White House official has (already) been dispatched to clean up after Biden and says that he mistakenly used the present tense, and yes, he was talking about skin cancer.

So many others.

And the point of all this was to set up the “climate emergency” power grab next week? Oil gave me skin cancer so let’s go solar?