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Gaza Pier Update Provides Another Perfect Metaphor for the Biden Administration

Meme screenshot

President Biden's Gaza pier project has become a metaphor for not only this White House's foreign policy, but the entire administration that laughably enough entered office under a big sign that said, "Build Back Better." But they had to do something to address Joe's sinking support in parts of Michigan.

Here's how it started back in April:

U.S. military personnel have begun construction of a temporary pier off the coast of Gaza to deliver critical humanitarian assistance, senior defense and Biden administration officials said today.

Construction of the pier is expected to be completed in early May. Once completed, it will initially facilitate the delivery of an estimated 90 truckloads of international aid into Gaza and scale to up to 150 truckloads once fully operational.

The beginning of construction marks a significant milestone following President Joe Biden's call for the military to conduct the emergency operation during his State of the Union Address last month. 

As soon as deliveries started being taken to Gaza via the pier, it because clear this was a really expensive "aid for terrorists" project with U.S. taxpayers picking up the tab, which is between $230 million and $350 million depending on which report you read. I assume that means the real cost to U.S. taxpayers is in the $750 million range, and that's probably a conservative estimate. 

Then the pier started breaking apart and pieces of it floated away, which was followed by a White House announcement that it would be towed away for the purpose of making repairs.

Now, just three months after the latest Biden WH project that looked like it was planned and implemented by Wile E. Coyote, here's where things stand: 

The metaphors just keep on coming!

Before the pier is removed permanently, the Biden administration is going to try and make one final delivery of supplies to Hamas:

The pier built by the U.S. military to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza will be reinstalled Wednesday to be used for several days, but then the plan is to pull it out permanently, several U.S. officials said. It would deal the final blow to a project long plagued by bad weather, security uncertainties and difficulties getting food into the hands of starving Palestinians.

The officials said the goal is to clear whatever aid has piled up in Cyprus and on the floating dock offshore and get it to the secure area on the beach in Gaza. Once that has been done, the Army will dismantle the pier and depart. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because final details are still being worked out.

"Difficulties getting food into the hands of starving Palestinians." Gee, why would that be, AP?

This administration can't be shown the door fast enough. The country can't survive any more "Build Back Better," whether it's taking place at home or overseas.




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