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Greg Gutfeld Rattles Off a List of 'Cheap Fakes' the Media Either Ignored or Helped Push

Screenshot via Fox News

Watching the speed at which the media took the "cheap fakes" talking point from the Biden White House and ran with it as fact has been a feat of modern "journalism" not seen since the national press was told to push the "don't say gay law" talking point. 


This is how it works. The White House floats the fresh spin:

And the media takes the handoff without question and pushes it as fact:

That's in order to protect a Democrat. When it comes to actual lies about Republicans -- specifically Donald Trump -- the media's "cheap fake" senses are dulled to the point of nonexistence.

Yesterday Greg Gutfeld rattled off a list of BS about Trump the media either ignored or actively pushed as fact. This is something else. Watch:


The country doesn't really have a national media. For the most part they are the Left's propagandists.

They're going to be exhausted by November.

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