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Journalism meme

The media has received the White House memo and there's now an "all hands on deck" emergency that has the nation's DNC stenographers poorly disguised as "journalists" rushing in to do their thing. 


CNN, the cable net hosting the Biden/Trump debate next week, is doing their part: 

Imagine how hard CNN's moderators will be working next Thursday to help prop Biden up.

CBS News also got the memo and has a story that sounds like it was written by Karine Jean-Pierre (maybe it was). "Cheap fakes" is the excuse the White House is making for videos of Biden being feeble, and the MSM picked up on it quickly: 

Democrats say "jump" and CBS News (and many others) respond "how high?" Then exceed all expectations, even though their post is getting ratioed into the sun.

Every time you think the media hit rock bottom, they manage to find a way to keep digging.

Have you noticed they never point out what exactly has been "misleading"?


The media asks you not to believe what you're seeing with your own eyes but would appreciate it if you believe all of their "sources say" claims about Trump.

"Don't believe your lying eyes, believe the lying media."

"Journalism," CBS News-style. Orwell called it:

It couldn't possibly get more "1984" than where we are right now.


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