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Unity President Again Tells #2A Supporters Their Guns Are Useless Against Govt's Weapons

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Yesterday Hunter Biden was convicted on three felony gun counts, so naturally the first thing his father Joe Biden did was go out and lecture Second Amendment advocates and Republicans in general about "gun safety" and gun control. Karine Jean-Pierre canceled yesterday's White House briefing after the verdicts, but Biden wasn't about to miss out on a prime projection opportunity.

Biden was speaking to the Moms Demand Action group and the president put his usual gun expertise on full display while not bothering to mention what his son was convicted of a few hours earlier. My personal favorite quote was "who in God's name needs a magazine that holds 200 shells?" At least he didn't advise people to just "shoot through the door" this time.

Biden told many other lies (big surprise I know):

Biden also once again took a page from Rep. Eric "we've got the nukes" Swalwell in an attempt to belittle #2A supporters and the reason the Founders put it in the Bill of Rights: 

Isn't that special!? That's exactly the kind of tyrannical talk the Founders warned about, but the irony will be lost on Joe. 

"You need an F-15 if you want to take on the U.S. government" comes from the same people who would like everybody to believe America was almost overthrown by a Capitol mob led by an unarmed vegan shaman in a buffalo hat. 

Biden's such a unifier! But at least he admitted the government can "get out of line." Sometimes he says the quiet parts out loud.

Biden hates about half of the country of which he's president. Actual terrorists who would like to harm America and Americans don't get nearly the angry threats that Biden reserves for U.S. citizens who support gun rights and/or Trump.



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