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MSNBC Host's Claim WSJ's Report About Biden Feebleness Has Been Debunked Gets Debunked


Whenever President Biden stumbles, has incoherent ramblings during speeches or reads "pause" from the teleprompter, Dems and the media remind us that "behind the scenes" Biden remains sharp as a tack.


A recent Wall Street Journal story said that, not surprisingly, that's not the case and that Biden is slipping both behind the scenes and in front of cameras:

That story caused all the alarms to sound on the Left as Dems and lefty media scrambled to do damage control. One of those efforts came from MSNBC (of course). Host/journo Willie Geist claimed the WSJ story has basically been debunked:

In other words, another effort has been undertaken to convince you that you're not seeing and hearing what you're seeing and hearing.

The MSNBC debunking of the Wall Street Journal piece can also be debunked with your eyes and ears. 


The Left's effort to try and convince everybody Biden's better than ever is not unlike the "prices are down at the grocery store" gaslighting.

MSNBC makes North Korean State Media jealous.


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