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OUCH! Chief Justice Roberts Delivers a SCOTUS Smackdown to Shameless Dem Senators


Ever since the New York Times ran with the "Alito's flag" story (that the Washington Post passed up on years ago) the Democrats have insisted that the conservative Supreme Court recuse himself from any cases involving January 6th. 


Because they're awful and shameless, Democrat Sens. Whitehouse and Durbin have combined their swamp scum powers and have been referring to flags once spotted at Alito's house and vacation home as "MAGA battle flags" (by that ridiculous definition San Francisco was "MAGA Country" until just recently). 

Whitehouse and Durbin are hoping nobody's ever heard of that whole "separate but equal branches" thing and have been threatening to regulate the Supreme Court and have been demanding a meeting with Chief Justice John Roberts:

Maybe these clowns should focus on the code of conduct of their own branch of government.

Roberts has responded and told Whitehouse and Durbin to pound sand, but in a somewhat more polite way:


That will trigger more Whitehouse and Durbin theatrical tantrums.

Watching Whitehouse and Durbin get smacked down is endlessly entertaining. 

Currently, one of Durbin and Whitehouse's Senate colleagues is on trial and facing corruption charges. So yes, these two clowns should clean out their own "lane" first.

You love to see it!

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