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Earlier today we told you that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said the quiet part out loud again when she pointed out that the Democrats have put Trump in the "legal version of an ankle bracelet" by forcing him to spend so much time in New York instead of campaigning in the rest of the country:


A lot of this banana republic behavior could backfire on the Left, and could this be one of them? Biden is expected to win New York by a wide margin, but that margin seems to keep narrowing the more time Trump spends in the state:

Joe Concha spelled out just how far Biden's support seems to have fallen in New York:

Keep bragging about how much time you're making Trump spend in New York, Dems -- you're doing great.


The Trump campaign obviously figured that if the Dems were going to force him to remain in New York so much he might as well take advantage of it.

Biden will probably go back to New York soon but probably only to collect money from rich celebs and other bubble billionaires, and of course maybe another softball interview with a lib late-night host.

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