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Julie Kelly, Mollie Hemingway and Others Don't Buy FBI's Spin on OK'ing Deadly Force for Trump Raid


Yesterday some unsealed court filings in the Trump classified document case contained some curious details, one of which was what the FBI was authorized to use during the Mar-a-Lago raid. This authorization makes it sound like the feds were going after violent gangsters instead of into a former president's office to retrieve some papers (while going through other things unrelated to any documents as well): 


When that story broke and started making the rounds, the FBI thought a statement in response was necessary:

"Standard protocol" was followed?

Julie Kelly is among the many who aren't buying that spin:


There is no "standard procedure" or precedent for an armed raid on the office of a former president:

Mollie Hemingway and others also aren't buying the "standard operating procedure" claim from the FBI:


If it ever IS normal the country has strayed dangerously into banana republic territory. 

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