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What DHS Secretary Mayorkas Just Admitted About Biden's Border Disaster Belongs in a Trump Ad ASAP

Meme screenshot

Long before taking office, Joe Biden urged people to illegally "surge to the border" if he were to be elected: 


And "surge to the border" they did.


On day one in office, Biden rescinded dozens and dozens of measures his predecessor put in place to achieve that goal by allowing what's tantamount to a border invasion, all by design. 

Months later, Alejandro Mayorkas bragged about it:

Then, during Biden's first couple of years in office, Dems from Biden to Harris to Mayorkas all insisted "the border is secure":

Now that lie isn't sustainable, and Mayorkas' admissions in this recent interview should be in Republican ads:


Well, there it is!

It's somewhat surprising that Mayorkas didn't admonish the questioner for using the term "illegals" instead of the DHS-approved "newcomers" or "fresh Americans" or whatever they're calling them today. 

Nope. Making sure people entered the U.S. illegally by the millions was part of the job the Biden administration assigned Mayorkas.

They're not even trying to hide it anymore.



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