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Richard Grenell responds to Biden admin offer to give Ex Trump officials a Chinese spy balloon briefing

After the Chinese spy balloon was shot down in the Atlantic not far off the coast of the Carolinas, it quickly became obvious how the Biden administration was going to try and spin the story.


Here’s part of the Defense Department’s statement with the part obviously intended to be picked up by the media highlighted:

Long before the shoot down, U.S. officials took steps to protect against the balloon’s collection of sensitive information, mitigating its intelligence value to the Chinese. The senior defense official said the recovery of the balloon will enable U.S. analysts to examine sensitive Chinese equipment. “I would also note that while we took all necessary steps to protect against the PRC surveillance balloon’s collection of sensitive information, the surveillance balloon’s overflight of U.S. territory was of intelligence value to us,” the official said. “I can’t go into more detail, but we were able to study and scrutinize the balloon and its equipment, which has been valuable.”

The balloon did not pose a military or physical threat. Still its intrusion into American airspace over several days was an unacceptable violation of U.S. sovereignty. The official said Chinese balloons briefly transited the continental United States at least three times during the prior administration.

Naturally the media picked up on that (as the Biden admin obviously intended), and former officials in Trump’s intelligence office John Ratcliffe and Richard Grenell immediately called BS:


To start the week, knowing that the media will dutifully stick to whatever narratives they’ve been fed, the Biden administration has reportedly offered to brief former Trump officials on the new preferred talking point:

Grenell’s a firm “no” on this offer (because it would only help fuel and legitimize the bogus narrative):

The Biden admin knows that most of the media will run with any “anonymous source tale” as long as it makes Trump look bad and takes some heat off of Biden.



But “the buck stops here,” or something.



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Dr. Jill Biden praises her husband and the military for taking down the spy balloon safely


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