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Glenn Greenwald thread examines the 'instantly formed media narrative' about attack on Paul Pelosi

San Francisco police and other investigators still haven’t yet confirmed a motive in the attack on Paul Pelosi, according to the latest reports:

Scott, the San Francisco police chief, said the attack was not a random act. “This was intentional,” he said.

Police didn’t immediately confirm a motive, but three people with knowledge of the investigation told The Associated Press that the assailant targeted Pelosi’s home.

The FBI and Capitol Police are also part of the joint investigation.


That brings us to Glenn Greenwald’s thread examining the media/Dem narrative compared to police statements and what questions are not being asked:

Greenwald sees what’s happened, and it’s that if you don’t automatically agree with the mainstream media hive mind, you’re a wacky conspiracy theorist.

If the country had a real media there are many totally fair questions to be asked about the Pelosi story:


Apparently those questions are a bridge too far for many in the media.

The police don’t yet know a motive, but Dems and many in the media sure do seem to.


Weird how that works, right?

We won’t hold our breath waiting for many in the press to ask those questions.


“Journalism” has become activism and it’s the main reason trust in media is at an all-time low.



Glenn Greenwald reminds us ’employees of the planet’s large media corporations are 100% fair game for criticism’


Glenn Greenwald will ‘never stop talking about’ the media’s Hunter Biden coverup

Glenn Greenwald buries NBC News journo freaking out about Elon Musk’s Twitter dictatorship under a mountain of receipts


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