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Vox on verge of breakthrough discovery about Latino voters

The midterm elections are just a little more than a month away, and the attempts to figure out how certain demographics are going to vote continue. Vox should get this information to the DNC right away:


We’re about to reach a “eureka” moment of discovery here.

Maybe the midterm election voting demographics will be able to help Vox continue to figure things out:

And while the survey shows a majority of Latinos still view the Democratic Party more favorably (60 percent) than the Republican Party (34 percent) and plan on voting for Democratic congressional candidates (53 percent), a sizable chunk of Democratic-leaning Latinos hold beliefs and preferences that could make them open to entreaties from Republicans.

It was noted that the issue of the economy would help Latinos make up their minds about how to vote.

No kidding?

Go figure!


Perhaps the Democrats should have President Biden lecture this particular demographic by telling them if they don’t vote Democrat “you ain’t Hispanic.”



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