The Daily Beast’s Matt Lewis recently took a look at the current state of the Republican Party as “the party of jerks”:

When did Republican candidates start hitting below the belt? What, exactly, was the trigger for that sharp transformation? What led Republicans to start being proactive and throwing punches first instead of waiting for Democrats to take the first swing?

In case you missed it, Donald Trump didn’t just explode onto the political scene out of nowhere; the conditions had to be just right. And lucky for him, they were perfect. And, as Bethany Mandel points out, that’s thanks in no small part to what Republicans saw the Democratic Party do to 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney:

Understandably so. At least we thought it was understandable. For some reason, Vox health care reporter Dylan Scott seems to be having some difficulty understanding it:

Does that reason have anything to with the fact that you don’t actually know what you’re talking about, Dylan? Because that would definitely explain it.

John Kerry is actually pretty notoriously not nice.

John Kerry is known to be many things. Nice is not one of them.

Mitt Romney never would have stooped to accusing the Obama administration of something like wanting to put black Americans “back in chains” or killing old ladies out of financial greed. But it was Romney who was continuously vilified by the Left — and by the mainstream media.

PolitiFact wasn’t swooping in to fact-check all the lies that powerful Democratic politicians were spreading about Romney. Glenn Kessler wasn’t in any hurry to put Mitt Romney’s remarks in proper and fair context. Democrats dragged Mitt Romney through the mud, and the MSM were only too happy to help them do it.

Nailed it.


Now, we could sit here and debate whether or not Romney should’ve gone down into the gutter to fight back against the Left’s smears, but 2012 is in the past now, and anyway, is there any doubt that if Romney had been willing to fight dirty, the media would’ve worked even harder to destroy him and white-knight for the Obama administration?


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