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Tom Elliott shreds Biden economic adviser's 'insult to everyone's collective intelligence' about inflation

Remember when Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that inflation would be “transitory” and quickly go away? Well, inflation wasn’t transitory, and now Yellen is saying that the Fed will need “great skill” to bring inflation back down without crashing the economy:


The Federal Reserve has to use its judgment to bring inflation down along with the ever-present risk of a recession, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Sunday.

“Of course [a recession] is a concern. The Fed is going to need great skill and also some good luck to achieve what we sometimes call a soft landing, which is bringing inflation down while maintaining the strength of the labor market,” Yellen said in an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Yellen said there is still a path to accomplishing a soft landing.

“We’ve got a good, strong labor market and I believe it is possible to maintain that,” Yellen said.

Feeling confident yet?

Meanwhile, a Biden economic adviser went on TV this morning to spin the issue of inflation away from Biden and the Democrats, and the gaslighting was on full blast:


All this administration (and its “advisers”) do is lie and then double down. Tom Elliott counted the ways:


Want some more gaslighting? You’ve got it!

Team Biden knows what the solution is to every problem:


Each day brings with it fresh examples of that being completely true.



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