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Gov. Youngkin vows to fight 'ridiculous edict' that ties Va. to Calif's upcoming gas-powered vehicle ban

Progressives in California have been proud to announce that by 2035 no new cars or trucks sold in the state can be gas or diesel-powered.

That means the same is also true for Virginia.


How can that be? Elections have consequences, and before Glenn Youngkin became governor there was a pact:

Virginians can thank former Gov. Ralph Northam and other libs for this:

Despite having a Republican governor, Virginia is on track to adopt the new Californian restrictions on the sale of gas-powered vehicles.

The California Air Resources Board issued the rule and held a final hearing this week requiring all new cars sold after 2035 to be electric. According to the same plan, 35% of cars sold in the state should be fossil-fuel free as soon as 2026.

Virginia will follow California due to a 2021 law signed by former Gov. Ralph Northam that tied Virginia to the Golden State’s emissions regulations.

Wow, states have been teaming for a “ruin the economy quicker” buddy system?

So it seems!

But Gov. Glenn Youngkin is going to see what he can do to “prevent this ridiculous edict”:


Imagine being a politician crazy enough to want to tie your state’s economy to what unfolds in the lefty utopia of California.


Stay tuned.



More than 300 Virginia government workers resign after Gov. Glenn Youngkin reverses remote work option

You can sense the disappointment in WaPo’s headline about new poll on Va. Gov. Glenn Youngkin


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