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'Just unbelievable': DC Mayor Muriel Bowser tells a reporter his numbers are wrong ('they're her numbers')

Despite the CDC recently removing any distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated people as it pertains to Covid-19, Washington, DC is going to still have a vaccine requirement for students to attend school in person.


Today, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser was asked about this requirement and how it will affect 40 percent of black students in the city. Bowser disagreed with that number, so maybe she doesn’t even read her own city’s websites:

Ouch! Bowser really stepped on a denial rake there.

Only the best and brightest are in charge of America’s cities.

They’ve never thought any of this through. It’s been about power, money and control the entire time under the weak guise of “science.”


You can only assume that the damage is being inflicted intentionally because no public official could be this stupid… could they?

Clearly that’s NEVER going to happen.



WATCH: Mayor Bowser WHINES about illegal immigrants filling up DC homeless shelters

Ted Cruz zings DC Mayor Bowser after she declares a humanitarian crisis over 4000 migrants


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