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Bette Midler tries to explain tweet that 'accidentally angered the very people I have always supported,' makes it worse

On the 4th of July, Bette Midler had a tweet that sparked some fireworks. In addition to being a performer, Midler is also apparently a biologist because she seemed to know the definition of “woman”:


Uh oh! Somebody broke wind in the progressive elevator, and Midler immediately heard about it.

In an attempt to reingratiate herself with the Left, Midler tried to explain her original tweet:

And she’s saying “women” again:


And of course this is all happening because “democracy” is in danger:


Four tweets to explain one tweet doesn’t bode well for Midler’s attempt to repair relationships with those she ticked off.

Midler’s having some trouble selling her explanation:

Pass the popcorn…


Maybe a few more tweets to explain will make things even better.




Looks like Bette Midler thought she could make the woke Left forget all about her unwoke tweet with some fake news about Ted Cruz

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