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People have thoughts about 'terrifying' videos of truck driver who 'ran down peaceful protesters' in Iowa

The Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade yesterday and sending the issue of abortion back to the states has of course sparked protests around the country. One such protest took place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where some media was on the scene:


A blue check who clearly took the demonstrators’ side after they had a run-in with a truck driver shared videos and called the incident “terrifying”:

What actually led up to this is unclear, but at the end of this thread you’ll find out what the police thought about the truck driver’s actions:


That didn’t look entirely “peaceful” to us.


One more thing:

Some of these tweets basically accuse the driver of attempted murder, but he wasn’t arrested? The police, however, say they’re still investigating.

“Go play in traffic” used to be considered an insult because it insinuated that the person you were saying it to was dumb enough to do it, but now “protest in traffic” is commonplace and they seem shocked when drivers take offense.

It’s really this simple:


It seems that the Left gets more upset by videos like these than they did about the Waukesha terrorist who drove through a parade.

Did anybody learn any lessons? Probably not.

That should be the real lesson but it doesn’t seem to be sticking.



‘Mostly peaceful insurrection’ at Arizona Capitol shut down Senate business

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