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Jen Psaki still insists report that HHS 'safe smoking kits' contain crack pipes is a 'conspiracy theory'

Back in February, the Washington Free Beacon published a bombshell story about the Biden administration providing drug addicts with free crack pipes for “racial equity” as part of their safe smoking kits. At the time the White House called the story “inaccurate reporting.” At the time, Townhall also covered the “free crack pipes in the name of equity” story.

Today the Beacon re-confirmed that, yes, the “safe smoking kits” do indeed have crack pipes in them:

But MSNBC didn’t hire Jen Psaki because she’s always truthful, and on her way out the door of the Biden administration she’s still dismissing the story as a “conspiracy theory:

Psaki’s just going to pretend this doesn’t exist:

This administration will look you right in the eye and lie without blinking or blushing.

That’s why she’ll soon be getting the big bucks from MSNBC!



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